Logs for #nikola for 2024-06-29

11:05:07 <saxicola> Anyone know how to customise robots.txt to block ChatGPT ? See https://sizeof.cat/post/block-chatgpt-scraping/ 
11:06:38 <ChrisWarrick> saxicola: the easiest way is to create files/robots.txt and fill it in. Nikola generates one by default, but I’m not sure if you can block user-agents
11:06:45 <ChrisWarrick> (using that feature)
11:09:08 <saxicola> ChrisWarrick: Thanks. Odd there's nothing in config.py to edit.
11:09:48 <ChrisWarrick> there seems to be a thing, but only for paths
11:10:05 <ChrisWarrick> for more configurability, it’s easier to just write the file yourself, it’s a very simple format
11:10:48 <saxicola> ChrisWarrick: Cheers. Done. :)