Logs for #nikola for 2024-06-22

15:12:35 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] Kwpolska closed pull request #220 (getnikola:dependabot/npm_and_yarn/site/multi-cd5fdbacd0): Bump ws and puppeteer in /site https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/pull/220
16:07:35 <AlaricToo> Hey folks.  Can anyone point me at any more detailed documentation on setting up galleries?  There's two things I want to do:
16:13:05 <ChrisWarrick> galeries aren’t super configurable by design
16:13:21 <AlaricToo> 1.  I have a 'galleries' directory containing two galleries, Fireborn and Stardock, but site/galleries comes up with a page containing only the single word 'galleries' and a list of the folders as raw folder links.  Is there a mechanism I can use to create a better page for that?  Can I just create a new_page and move it there?
16:14:04 <AlaricToo> And 2. I'm trying to space the gallery images out a little with image.thumbnail css, but it doesn't seem to be working...?
16:14:53 <ChrisWarrick> 1. I don’t think so
16:15:12 <ChrisWarrick> 2. Gallery layout is handled by some library that may be setting up margins by itself
16:15:43 <AlaricToo> OK
16:18:08 <AlaricToo> So the best I can do is ......      hmm.  I could create pages/galleries.rst that points to the individual galleries, and then possibly make galleries/ WITHOUT a gallery name redirect to the galleries page
16:24:40 <AlaricToo> huh.  that's odd.  If I create pages/galleries.rst and then build, I get the following error:
16:24:43 <AlaricToo> OKERROR: Two different tasks can't have a common target.'output/galleries/index.html' is a target for render_galleries:output/galleries/index.html and render_pages:output/galleries/index.html.
16:25:01 <AlaricToo> er ....  ignore that 'OK', mispaste
16:25:41 <AlaricToo> .....   OH.  Wait.  I understand why it's happening.
16:26:10 <AlaricToo> I'm not sure how to work around it though.
16:28:41 <AlaricToo> never mind, I cna work around *that* part by changing that slug to 'gallery'
16:41:52 <AlaricToo> hmm.  this needs more thought
17:46:04 <AlaricToo> solved it all, acceptably
17:46:39 <AlaricToo> Still wish I could pad the gallery thumbnails a few pixels, but I can live with it as it is