Logs for #nikola for 2024-05-05

18:20:40 <AlaricToo> Formatting question.  If I have a Nikola instance where I'm using .rst posts and pages, but I need one specific post to be in HTML because it lists the formatting allowed by isso in comments and there's no way to specify that markup in reST, what's the best way to do that?
18:25:59 <ChrisWarrick> you can just create a html post
18:26:02 <ChrisWarrick> nikola new_post -f html
18:26:18 <ChrisWarrick> you could also use a .. raw:: html block if most of the post would make sense to keep in rest
18:28:10 <AlaricToo> hmm ......   actually when I look at the generated page the <span class="underline"> and <span class="strike"> *are there*, they're just not being rendered
18:28:13 <AlaricToo> weird
18:28:59 <ChrisWarrick> if those are isso-related, isso is probably making its css scoped to the isso div
18:31:17 <AlaricToo> no, that's not it
18:32:27 <AlaricToo> quick 30kft view:  I have fenianhouse.com for my publishing imprint, which links to seanfenian.com for my author blog.  seanfenian.com has isso installed and I've got the makrup I want displaying in isso there.
18:34:09 <AlaricToo> But I have a news post on fenianhouse.com announcing adding comments, in which I list the markup that can be used in isso.  But I can't get all of the markup to render even though the generated HTML is correct and I've just verified the custom css has been correctly included..
18:34:19 <AlaricToo> Still investigating.
18:36:29 <AlaricToo> didn't typo the CSS...
18:38:04 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: https://i.imgur.com/a8vzz1D.png
18:38:07 <AlaricToo> https://fenianhouse.com/news/comments/ is the relevant page.  the HTML and the CSS both look correct... it's just not rendering text-decoration: underline or text-decoration: line-through for some reason
18:38:13 <ChrisWarrick> perhaps you have something cached?
18:38:30 <AlaricToo> Huh.
18:38:36 <ChrisWarrick> this renders correctly for me on firefox and edgium on windows
18:38:52 <AlaricToo> *facepalm*
18:39:03 <AlaricToo> you're right .......   it was caching  :D
18:42:29 <AlaricToo> "It's always caching", the browser equivalent of "It's always DNS"   :D
18:51:30 <AlaricToo> raw blocks would solve another problem though ...   I know I saw that documentation, just need to find it again