Logs for #nikola for 2024-05-02

09:56:43 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: for the custom CSS for a page, you could try making a custom template for it, the demo site has an example of that
09:57:14 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: floating images beside paragraphs might not be doable with pure reST, you could try .. class: float-right
09:57:36 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: er, .. class:: float-right
15:34:36 <AlaricToo> hmm
15:34:59 <AlaricToo> I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion
16:01:29 <AlaricToo> aha!   So this:
16:01:31 <AlaricToo> .. class:: float-left
16:01:31 <AlaricToo> .. image:: /images/Bearing-Gifts-cover.thumbnail.png
16:01:40 <AlaricToo> works to float an image
16:01:59 <AlaricToo> but this:
16:02:01 <AlaricToo> .. class:: clear-left
16:02:01 <AlaricToo> -------------------------
16:02:01 <AlaricToo> Volume 1: *Bearing Gifts*
16:02:01 <AlaricToo> -------------------------
16:02:21 <AlaricToo> does NOT work to apply clear: left to that heading
16:02:59 <AlaricToo> and neither does :
16:03:01 <AlaricToo> -------------------------
16:03:01 <AlaricToo> .. class:: clear-left
16:03:01 <AlaricToo> Volume 1: *Bearing Gifts*
16:03:01 <AlaricToo> -------------------------
16:03:21 <AlaricToo> I cam probably get away with leaving clear-left on ALL h2s and h3s.
16:03:56 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: the bootstrap class name is clearfix
16:07:59 <AlaricToo> ChrisWarrick: I already created my own css class for it, the problem is both of those syntaxes throws errors
16:09:07 <AlaricToo> the problem there is figuring out the syntax to apply the class
16:09:29 <AlaricToo> this is the working result so far though:  https://fenianhouse.com/books/
16:11:30 <AlaricToo> (of course I'm happy to use the existing clearfix class, if I can just figure out the syntax to apply it to subheadings)
16:12:00 <ChrisWarrick> reST isn’t always easy to do fancy things in
16:14:14 <AlaricToo> *nod*   not what it's for
16:14:54 <AlaricToo> but just making ALL H2/H3s clear:left doesn't appear to break anything, so that seems to be my easy fix
16:16:29 <AlaricToo> I'd like to change that kinda institutional green to a different color, but so far I haven't figured out how to change that in material-theme
16:17:19 <AlaricToo> still, I've made more progress here in about 2 days with Nikola than I had in months of fiddling around trying to puzzle out Django
16:23:13 <AlaricToo> AAAAAHHHH think I found the problem
16:24:21 <AlaricToo> yeah, I typo'd header-colors for header_colors in GLOBAL_CONTEXT
16:25:49 <AlaricToo> now I just need to figure out how to define my own colors
16:26:48 <AlaricToo> or redefine one of the allowed existing names
16:35:55 <AlaricToo> score, fixed
17:43:15 <AlaricToo> hmm .....   is there a recommended reST syntax to force vertical whitespace?  (blank lines)
18:20:26 <ChrisWarrick> I’m not sure there is
18:36:40 <AlaricToo> I suppose I could always resort to a transparent image as a spacer
18:40:50 <ChrisWarrick> you could do a raw html block with <br>
18:40:58 <ChrisWarrick> but it really sounds like you should write your content in html
18:45:14 <AlaricToo> I've considered that option, but I'm trying to work within the tool as much as I can  :)
18:45:25 <ChrisWarrick> which tool? rest?
18:45:41 <ChrisWarrick> nikola equally supports multiple input formats. rest is the default, but it does not work for everything
18:45:54 <AlaricToo> True
18:47:50 <AlaricToo> So far I haven't run into anything I *need* to do that I haven't been able to figure out how to do with rest and configuring the theme (though I had to resort to manually installing my own primary color into material-theme)
19:47:12 <AlaricToo> ChrisWarrick: thanks again for all the help!
20:23:25 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: you’re welcome!