Logs for #nikola for 2024-05-01

00:00:02 <AlaricToo> Hi, I've just installed Nikola on a Gentoo system and I have a few questions, starting with - Is rST supposed to be handled properly by 'nikola serve'?  In particular, rST indents and bold do not appear to work.  (Specifically, **bold** is ignored, and indents are rendered as <strong>.)
00:27:03 <AlaricToo> hmm .......   I see that the indent actually isn't working on https://getnikola.com/quickstart.html either
00:29:14 <AlaricToo> also:  I see the documentation on how to change WHERE Nikola puts posts, but nothing to change WHAT it calls them, like now to make it just use post-1, post-2, ... instead of test-post-1, test-post-2 ....
00:40:17 <AlaricToo> Interesting.  The indenting works *IN LISTS*.  But not in text.
00:50:40 <AlaricToo> OH.  Wait.  I just figured out the post file names, they're generated from post title.
00:50:45 * AlaricToo facepalms
01:40:03 <AlaricToo> ...   well that was rude.  The doc doesn't warn you that nikola check --clean-files will delete your custom.css file.
16:38:30 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: any files you want kept should be put in the files/ folder
16:38:56 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: post filenames are taken from the `slug` metadata if it exists
17:22:57 <AlaricToo> OK, so I'd creare files/assetc/css/custom.css?
17:23:01 <AlaricToo> create
17:24:06 <AlaricToo> any thoughts on the reST markup not working as documented?
17:28:36 <AlaricToo> files/assets/css/custom.css is indeed working as expected.  Thanks ChrisWarrick 
17:29:41 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: which part of the reST markup is not working?
17:30:07 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: definition lists are highly CSS-dependent
17:43:25 <AlaricToo> ChrisWarrick: OK, what I'm seeing in post bodies (refined by further testing) is *italic* works, **bold** works, lists work, but indents do not work and instead are rendered as <strong>.
17:48:01 <AlaricToo> (I haven't tried a definition list yet)
17:54:21 <AlaricToo> the other thing I'm having major difficulty with is trying from the documentation section "What if I don't want a blog?" to get it ti create a top-level site page that DOES NOT have all of the blog index/archive stuff on it
17:55:45 <AlaricToo> what I'm trying to do is build a static publishing site that has book galleries and links to an author blog site
18:16:26 <ChrisWarrick> AlaricToo: what rest syntax are you using for “indents”? what issues are there with the not-a-blog document?
18:24:54 <AlaricToo> OK, the documentation — if I'm understanding it correctly — says if I indent my source, I will get indented output.  That doesn't happen.  I'm trying to find exactly where I was looking at for the reST markup instructions and currently unable to find it again
18:26:31 <AlaricToo> and in the not-a-blog document, I THINK I'm following it exactly but I still get everything looking like a blog page, including output/index.html
18:27:06 <AlaricToo> I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what.
18:28:29 <ChrisWarrick> to get rid of output/index.html, you must set DISABLE_INDEXES = True
18:29:04 <AlaricToo> I think when I tried that , build threw an error
18:30:18 <AlaricToo> and it's not that I want to get rid of output/index.html, I want it to have my content, not look like a blog page
18:32:01 <AlaricToo> *DOH*.  The error was because of a typo.
18:32:33 <ChrisWarrick> you can create a page with slug=index and destination folder (in PAGES in conf.py) set to an empty string
18:39:20 <AlaricToo> I have the following:
18:39:28 <AlaricToo> PAGES = ( ("pages/*.rst", "", "page.tmpl"), ("pages/*.md", "", "page.tmpl"), ("pages/*.txt", "", "page.tmpl"), ("pages/*.html", "", "page.tmpl"),
18:39:31 <AlaricToo> )
18:39:48 <AlaricToo> Is that correct?
18:42:07 <ChrisWarrick> yes
18:43:15 <AlaricToo> aha, changing the slog got me a top-level index.html with my test content, but it also still has all of the archive/tags links
18:43:19 <AlaricToo> Making progress
18:43:33 <AlaricToo> slug, rather
19:11:05 <ChrisWarrick> the archive/tags links? NAVIGATION_LINKS?
19:17:09 <AlaricToo> Ah!  That's probably it.
19:17:29 <AlaricToo> Make that empty, right?
19:17:36 <AlaricToo> Or change as I see fit.
19:19:33 <AlaricToo> I *should* have figured that out for myself ....
19:21:05 <AlaricToo> I'm finding a lot of the sample themes fail to build pages btw.  like, carpet theme build dies with:  
19:21:08 <AlaricToo>   File "/var/nikola/fenianhouse/cache/.mako.tmp/post_helper.tmpl.py", line 200, in render_mathjax_script
19:21:11 <AlaricToo>     if post.is_mathjax:
19:21:11 <AlaricToo>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
19:21:12 <AlaricToo> AttributeError: 'Post' object has no attribute 'is_mathjax'
19:27:55 <ChrisWarrick> some themes might be outdated or unsupported, try different ones
19:33:41 <AlaricToo> yeah, I was guessing that was what was going on, written for older releases
19:53:47 <AlaricToo> material-theme isn't bad, but is ignoring my header color setting
19:54:30 <AlaricToo> when creating a gallery, is there a way to specify the gallery title in metadata.yml?  Or elsewhere?
21:10:08 <ChrisWarrick> galleries can have some metadata associated via posts, the manual should have more info
21:28:15 <AlaricToo> I'm slowly learning, but at the point where I'm struggling to find information
21:59:22 <AlaricToo> aaaaaaaah!  Indenting requires a :: to mark the block
22:09:48 <ChrisWarrick> oh, code blocks
22:10:14 <ChrisWarrick> rest syntax can be surprising sometimes
22:18:58 <AlaricToo> yeah, I'm slowly figuring it out
22:19:35 <AlaricToo> is there a way I can create custom CSS that applies only to specific pages?
22:20:26 <AlaricToo> I needed some added CSS to make my books page work correctly, but if that CSS is global, then it breaks galleries
22:20:39 <AlaricToo> Appreciate the tips and pointers, by the way
22:24:01 <AlaricToo> I went looking for a reST syntax to float an image beside a paragraph, but didn't find anything