Logs for #nikola for 2024-02-19

14:56:10 <omwb> It seems to me that Nikola does not offer any way of activating Jinja extensions? =-O https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/3.1.x/extensions/
18:13:43 <ChrisWarrick> omwb: We don’t, I can’t request any feature requests for that, and the available extensions don’t seem groundbreaking. You could add a conf.py setting for them if you need them
18:35:48 <omwb> I'm trying to dig my way through the Nikola templating system. I would like to use the debug extension to see what's there. - What do you mean "I can't request any feature requests for that"?
18:36:23 <ChrisWarrick> s/can’t request/can’t recall/
18:36:46 <omwb> Well... I could help you with that! :-D
18:37:04 <ChrisWarrick> feel free to open a pull request :)
18:37:29 <omwb> I do so feel. - I already have working code, but it somehow breaks the tests.
18:45:28 <omwb> Ah! Nikola.render_template sometimes returns a str and some other times returns None. Trying to somehow consolidate those two is less easy than one would think.
18:46:44 <omwb> Unfortunately, what is intended as the return type and what each return type means is not documented in the docstring.
18:47:45 <omwb> s/what each return type means/what each return value means/
18:59:03 <ChrisWarrick> those should arguably be two functions (render_template_string and render_template_file)