Logs for #nikola for 2023-12-03

09:36:41 <StyXman> how difficult is to port a v6 plugin to v8? any docs?
09:49:37 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: there might be some old blog posts about porting things
09:51:11 <StyXman> sorry, I meant s/v6/v7/
09:57:39 <ChrisWarrick> there might still be old blog posts or docs
09:57:48 <ChrisWarrick> also, v7 plugins may just work with v8
10:05:04 <StyXman> something like this, for instance? https://getnikola.com/blog/upgrading-to-nikola-v8.html#plugins
10:05:22 <StyXman> anyways, yeah, I'll try the plugin on v8
10:05:34 <StyXman> (it's tag cloud)
10:12:35 <StyXman> should I just clone the plugins repo on my site dir?
10:13:05 <StyXman> feels like all plugin instruciotns are aimed at plugin developers but not users?
10:13:30 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: nikola plugin -i tagcloud
10:48:57 <StyXman> ack
11:09:56 <StyXman> is the sidebar plugin related to the sidebar setting in conf.py?
11:12:20 <StyXman> ah, it's a theme thing
11:24:48 <StyXman> ok, the static_tag_cloud plugin generates an .inc file in the output dir, how can I insert it in the sidebar?
11:26:46 <StyXman> I thought of {{% raw output/foo.inc %}}, but does nothing
11:27:49 <ChrisWarrick> the README of the plugin has some suggestions
11:31:58 <StyXman> but I don't undesrtand them
11:32:38 <StyXman> "or by using tools like File Tree Subs."
11:33:31 <StyXman> and I can't find the source of the handbook to see how the "Contents" sidebar is implemented
11:33:58 <StyXman> ah, it's called manual.srt :)
11:34:57 <StyXman> ah, it's reST: .. contents::