Logs for #nikola for 2023-12-01

20:27:20 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: you’re welcome! (btw, handholding* and there might be a little typo in my nick…)
20:27:53 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: you might also want to publish your script somewhere (github?). It doesn’t have to be pretty, but other people could benefit, we’d link it in the handbook if you’re fine with that :)
22:23:24 <StyXman> ChrisWarrick: I'll try, have a busy weekend that just started by cleaning up the house :-P
22:23:32 <ChrisWarrick> sure, no pressure :)
22:24:16 <StyXman> ahm , how do I generate rss feeds per category? my python tag is picked up by the python planet
22:24:58 <ChrisWarrick> https://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/glob/categories/python.xml
22:25:36 <StyXman> right
22:47:48 <StyXman> abot the typo, it was late and I was exited :)
22:49:14 <StyXman> fixed
22:52:19 <ChrisWarrick> thanks!
23:39:04 <StyXman> ChrisWarrick: https://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/glob/posts/ikiwiki-to-nikola-the-script/