Logs for #nikola for 2023-11-27

18:29:30 <StyXman> I can't find how to write foot notes. I found [#1] and .. [#1] at https://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/master/usage/restructuredtext/basics.html#footnotes but doesn't work. what am I missing?
19:32:28 <StyXman> ok, it's some form of [...]_ + .. [...], but I can't figure out what's ...
19:32:45 <StyXman> tried: #1, #f1, #, 1
19:32:47 <StyXman> no works
19:32:56 <StyXman> none works*
19:54:15 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: can you show the entire rst file?
19:54:28 <StyXman> sure
19:54:42 <ChrisWarrick> see also https://docutils.sourceforge.io/docs/user/rst/quickref.html#footnotes
19:54:50 <StyXman> https://dpaste.org/fxCOJ
19:55:40 <StyXman> I tried those
19:55:51 <ChrisWarrick> StyXman: try adding a space before the footnote reference in text
19:56:15 <ChrisWarrick> e.g.   more than one person? [1]_ Also,
19:56:18 <StyXman> oh
19:56:35 <ChrisWarrick> yeah, REST tends to be anal like that
19:56:56 <ChrisWarrick> (also, I almost typed an acronym for an even more annoying $work thing instead of REST…)
19:57:01 <StyXman> dang, that was it
19:57:22 <StyXman> rest tends to be not a lawyer? :-P
19:57:45 <ChrisWarrick> annoying and picky
19:57:48 <StyXman> what about external links with a differente text?
19:58:03 <ChrisWarrick> what do you mean?
19:58:13 <StyXman> yes, yes, just joking, you seem to be pissed about $WORK
19:58:19 <ChrisWarrick> not really
19:58:33 <StyXman> I come from md, I'm using [offline maps](http://help.codesector.com/MapsCache)
19:58:46 <ChrisWarrick> but yelling at the four-letter thing at $work gets in your blood quickly
19:58:56 <StyXman> ah, hmm, the reference, let me reread it
19:58:58 <ChrisWarrick> https://docutils.sourceforge.io/docs/user/rst/quickref.html#external-hyperlink-targets
19:59:49 <ChrisWarrick> you can also use an anonymous link: `offline maps`__     and then   __ http://whatever   in a line/paragraph of its own
20:22:42 <StyXman> does that scale well?
20:26:00 <ChrisWarrick> how many links do you expect?
20:26:26 <StyXman> sometimes 20
20:26:26 <ChrisWarrick> also, if you don’t care about having all your links at the bottom of the document, you can just put it directly after the paragraph the link is in
20:26:46 <StyXman> maybe more
20:26:53 <ChrisWarrick> you can always use the named links if anonymous links don’t work out for you
20:27:00 <StyXman> I have a couple of very linky posts
20:27:32 <StyXman> oh, so __ is a name?
20:27:39 <ChrisWarrick> no
20:28:12 <StyXman> so I can do "`foo`__ and `bar`__" and it'll work as long as I keep the links in the right order?
20:28:18 <ChrisWarrick> yes
20:28:23 <StyXman> right, good enought
20:28:42 <StyXman> writing the rewriter's gonna be a pain, thank got tests :)
20:28:49 <ChrisWarrick> rewriter?
20:28:54 <StyXman> s/got/$GOD/
20:29:09 <StyXman> I'm not gonna rewrite 9 years f posts by hand :)
20:29:11 <ChrisWarrick> if you’ve got content in markdown or whatever, it can stay in markdown
20:29:30 <ChrisWarrick> re links: https://bpa.st/QMSA
20:29:33 <StyXman> yeah, but I _need_ to use ...
20:29:46 <ChrisWarrick> you need to use what?
20:29:56 <StyXman> bah, I never managed to make footnotes to work on md
20:30:06 <StyXman> bah, on ikiwiki's md
20:30:20 <ChrisWarrick> you should have more luck with python-markdown
20:30:32 <ChrisWarrick> https://python-markdown.github.io/extensions/footnotes/
20:30:38 <ChrisWarrick> that extension should be enabled by default in nikola
20:30:59 <StyXman> hmmm. and maybe just make my script to write the sidecar files...
20:31:19 <StyXman> I still have to convert some ikiwiki formatting to something else
20:31:31 <StyXman> I definitely like md format best
20:31:50 <StyXman> hmm, let's see
20:49:33 <StyXman> damn, conf.py is a beast...
20:53:50 <StyXman> wow, it looks awesome
20:58:40 <ChrisWarrick> that’s great to hear :)
21:13:04 <StyXman> I still need to write a porter, but it's much less work