Logs for #nikola for 2023-08-10

16:25:40 <Guest8> hi, i followed Creating a Site (Not a Blog) with Nikola
16:25:47 <Guest8> but i just get a directory listing
16:26:40 <Guest8> i used the sample index.txt
16:27:25 <Guest8> on elementaryOS
16:27:35 <Guest8> everything else works fine
16:30:20 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: did you change your PAGES setting?
16:32:06 <Guest8> i just removed the md like the guide said
16:32:11 <Guest8> *line
16:34:40 <Guest8> and ran build and serve
16:38:56 <Guest8> just retried new_page and nothing
16:43:20 <Guest8> oops nvm
16:44:31 <Guest8> i'm good
16:48:12 <Guest8> stupid question but how do i make sure a template has no code?
16:48:56 <Guest8> i know the warning text is for 'legal reasons' but still
17:36:51 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: can you clarify? what warning text?
17:37:46 <Guest8> https://themes.getnikola.com/
17:37:55 <Guest8> Warning: themes may contain Python code. Some of them may contain malicious code, intentionally or not. Use at your own risk.
21:43:07 <ChrisWarrick> !tell Guest8 you’d need to look at the template code and check if they have any code blocks in them (you can check how they look in mako/jinja docs)
21:43:07 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.