Logs for #nikola for 2023-07-17

18:10:39 <x1101> hiya folks. Seeing an oddity that I don't quite get how to work around. Setting up a new blog, using the zen theme. Trying to run `nikola build` for the first time, and its complaining that copy_assets and build_less both target the same output destination
18:11:28 <x1101> Do I need to fiddle something in a config somewhere to make copy_assets and build_less play nice together?
22:31:27 <ChrisWarrick> x1101: I guess zen ships some less code that you don’t need and that conflicts with build_less
22:31:37 <ChrisWarrick> x1101: either remove the less plugin or the unused less files
22:35:57 <x1101> Any suggestions on identifying the "unused" files? Would it be less files not in `target
23:01:42 <x1101> ChrisWarrick: here's the exact message. It _seems to me_ like its `build_less` and `copy_assets` that are conflicting?
23:01:45 <x1101> ERROR: Two different tasks can't have a common target.'output/assets/css/theme.css' is a target for copy_assets:output/assets/css/theme.css and build_less:output/assets/css/theme.css.