Logs for #nikola for 2023-05-14

07:20:24 <LohanG> hello, I started using the localsearch plugin, but then noticed that it cannot search for texts written in unicode characters in my first language (Sinhala). I got help from somewho who knows programming to solve this. His version of the plugin can now search Sinhala unicode text. I haven't created an issue regarding this on your github repository because I am not entirely comfortable with
07:20:26 <LohanG> programming related matters and git. But I would like to know what is the best way to give it back to the official repository / project / nikola. His modifications were based on a more recent version of Tipue Search found here https://github.com/michael-milette/Tipue-Search 
07:24:06 <LohanG> the person who fixed it doesn't use github.
07:25:03 <LohanG> I mean he doesn't have a githib account. I do have an account, but I would like to know what is the best step to submit it to your project...
07:33:04 <LohanG> I can create an issue on github with a link to the solution on codeberg.
07:39:31 <ChrisWarrick> LohanG: the only method of contributing that we accept are github pull requests
07:41:10 <ChrisWarrick> LohanG: github help or the internet can help you figure out how to create a fork, commit your changes, and create a pull request
07:53:42 <LohanG> Thank you ChrisWarrick I'll look into it.