Logs for #nikola for 2023-04-23

20:42:50 <arraybolt3> I'm just getting started with Nikola and have hit a bit of a roadbump - I'm creating a normal website with a blog (as opposed to just making a blog) and it seems that I can't make any content I put into the "pages" directory *not* have any margins applied. I'm trying to put a "banner" image underneath the navbar. Is there some way to do this with Nikola (or Bootstrap4, if that's what's getting in
20:42:51 <arraybolt3> the way)?
20:43:19 <arraybolt3> So far I'm using (I believe) the BootBlog4 theme with the Cosmo swatch applied (using "nikola subtheme").
20:43:38 <arraybolt3> And I followed these directions to make normal website as opposed to a blog: https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html
20:43:58 <arraybolt3> But everything is "stuck" between two margins, which isn't what I want.
20:44:38 <ChrisWarrick> arraybolt3: the theme puts everything in a container that applies margins
20:45:48 <arraybolt3> Yeah that's what it looked like. I'm trying to figure out how to "break" out of that container (if that's even possible).
20:45:58 <arraybolt3> Or maybe just stick something between the navbar and the container.
20:46:08 <arraybolt3> (I could just edit the output html file after doing "nikola build" I guess...)
20:46:24 <ChrisWarrick> you could have a custom template that does that
20:46:31 <ChrisWarrick> or perhaps custom css that disables the margins
20:47:06 <arraybolt3> Hmm. OK, I'll look into those.
20:50:18 <arraybolt3> The template idea looks hopeful. Thanks!
20:52:16 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome!