Logs for #nikola for 2023-04-13

20:43:24 <BlaisePabon[m]> Do any of you have informed opinions on comment systems? 
20:43:24 <BlaisePabon[m]> I'm considering isso because it's python/sqlite and doesn't depend on GitHub....
20:46:55 <ChrisWarrick> BlaisePabon[m]: isso is pretty nice, although a little bare-bones
20:50:02 <BlaisePabon[m]> Thank you, 
20:50:02 <BlaisePabon[m]> I don't expect many comments, but I suppose I want to disable anonymous comments.
20:51:33 <ChrisWarrick> how do you define “anonymous”?
20:53:48 <ChrisWarrick> I’m using isso on my blog, all comments require my approval. Users are asked to provide a name and email, but they don’t need to be valid or sensible.
20:54:06 <BlaisePabon[m]> unauthenticated.... I would like to require authentication.
20:54:17 <ChrisWarrick> I don’t think isso can do that
20:54:29 <ChrisWarrick> that may require some larger platform, like disqus
20:54:42 <ChrisWarrick> (which does ads and stuff)
20:54:47 <BlaisePabon[m]> Oh! ok, that works actually.
20:56:33 <ChrisWarrick> the use of disqus and auth might severely limit the number of people who would bother to comment
20:56:44 <BlaisePabon[m]> yyyyeaaaahhh, I prefer to avoid the commercial systems.
20:56:44 <BlaisePabon[m]> If you're using isso, that's all the endorsement I need!
20:57:51 <ChrisWarrick> if you get too many spam comments, you could disable them, or contribute a good banning/ratelimiting mechanism
20:58:10 <BlaisePabon[m]> agreed...
20:58:10 <BlaisePabon[m]> I happen to be into OAUTH, so I will support Google, GitHub, LinkedIn and Microsoft logins on other parts of my site.