Logs for #nikola for 2023-02-27

18:02:39 <berti> Hi, I would like to generate html for a site with a custom theme and lots of links in the footer using a similar mechanism like html_navigation_links() and html_navigation_link_entries() does for e.g. navbars.  Is there a plugin for something like that? Or is it possible to store a translatable structure like NAVIGATION_LINKS via conf.py in the global context and access is via base*.tmpl?
18:11:01 <ChrisWarrick> berti: put it in GLOBAL_CONTEXT, you should be able to access it as THE_NAME[lang] in templates (without making it a translatable setting, which may not be possible)
18:27:03 <berti> Hm, OK, I  will try that. Thx.
20:58:46 <berti> Hmpf, slapped myself with a large trout. NAVIGATION_ALT_LINKS was still unused. Works like a charm.
21:06:44 <ChrisWarrick> (NAVIGATION_ALT_LINKS is theme-dependent)
21:09:05 <berti> Yepp, I know, working on a custom theme, so I was free to (ab)use it... ;-)