Logs for #nikola for 2023-01-05

04:00:05 <x1101> OK, this _looks_ like its going where I need it to. (So far) one follow up question: For that Additional_Metadata, the strings I am trying to generate are based on the filename. from conf.py, how can I access that? 
04:00:32 <x1101> heres's a quick example. This is the part I'd be trying to generate for a file located at posts/episode-079.md
04:01:15 <x1101> .. mp3_enclosure: https://archive.org/download/urandom-079/urandom-079.mp3
04:01:17 <x1101> .. mp3_enclosure_length: 155353168
04:01:19 <x1101> .. ogg_enclosure: https://archive.org/download/urandom-079/urandom-079.ogg
04:01:21 <x1101> .. ogg_enclosure_length: 57580546
04:01:57 <x1101> (the numberic values on lines 2 and 4 are NOT done at the time of post creation, they're fectched later)
04:02:55 <x1101> I've got a dict comprehension that will _mostly_ work, I just need to extract that '079' either from the file name or slug (I can't think of anywhere else it would be)
15:10:49 <x1101> The alternative is to keep doing that with my post-processing script, which will still be needed to get those enclosure_length values anyway.
16:54:17 <ChrisWarrick> ADDITIONAL_METADATA is expected to be static. You could hack something together with a config plugin, but it’s not worth the hassle