Logs for #nikola for 2022-12-21

16:14:51 <ndim> Nice. So the hypercube and fractal generation works. Now... do I adapt one of the existing Nikola themes to my website, or do I convert my existing website's theme to a Nikola theme?
16:15:39 <ndim> The latter appears to to be more promising right now.
17:40:36 <betabug> ndim: I guess it depends on how complicated things are
17:49:40 <ndim> betabug: Exactly. I am still figuring that out.
17:50:31 <ndim> I might do both 80% of the way, and then decide which one to bring from 80% done to 100% done.
17:55:06 <ChrisWarrick> writing a custom theme isn’t too hard
23:02:56 <ndim> Ah, finally I found: ${abs_link(permalink)}