Logs for #nikola for 2022-12-14

22:21:56 <ndim> Just in case nobody noticed... the https://docs.getnikola.com/ link from the channel topic shows a Cloudflare error page "Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned".
22:26:08 <ChrisWarrick> ndim: thanks for letting us know, it should be fixed now
22:46:42 <ndim> Glad I could help.
22:48:22 <ndim> Is there a way to tell nikola that I want the generated page to be called foo.shtml, not the default foo.html? Server Side Include processing does make sense for 404 error pages and the like.
22:51:29 <ChrisWarrick> ndim: some places might follow INDEX_FILE, but .html might be hard-coded in too many places for this to work out
22:55:49 <ndim> Well, INDEX_FILE is global, and I only need .shtml for 404.shtml and 410.shtml. There might have been something in the metadata to override the file extension  metadata, just like I can override the slug.
22:56:48 <ndim> So, either I add such a metadata item, or I do some workarounds with what Nikola places in output/
23:00:53 <ndim> Ah, fun: Both https://docs.getnikola.com/en/latest/extending.html#shortcodes https://getnikola.com/extending.html#shortcodes cannot properly show the shortcode forms.
23:06:02 <ChrisWarrick> docs.getnikola.com won’t be able to display this properly, since this part of the docs assumes it has Nikola shortcodes support enabled
23:07:07 <ChrisWarrick> getnikola.com is fixed now, OTOH
23:33:19 <ndim> Thank you!