Logs for #nikola for 2022-12-02

22:35:44 <jstein> I ran pip install nikola in a python env with py 3.10 and get https://dpaste.com/4YR3UYNPB
22:35:58 <jstein> any ideas what to try next?
22:36:45 <jstein> I am in a nikola folder which compiled fine before [TM] ;-)
22:37:27 <ChrisWarrick> you’re installing nikola system-wide, so all bets are off. did you try using a venv?
22:39:07 <jstein> yes I meant venv
22:39:18 <ChrisWarrick> this doesn’t look like a venv to me
22:42:49 <jstein> that was a useful hint. I also had a local installation of nikola. Uninstalled it restarted the python venv, installed nikola there again and it works.
22:43:03 <jstein> thank you
22:43:08 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome!