Logs for #nikola for 2022-08-03

00:14:12 <Feoh> Look at the latest commit to master and you'll see :)
00:21:26 <Feoh> ChrisWarrick: Is there a particular reason the previewimage metadata field wants the images it references inline with the post it's being used in, whereas most everything else seems to want images to live in /images off the nikola root?
16:29:46 <ChrisWarrick> Feoh: most everything else?
16:31:14 <ChrisWarrick> Feoh: if you insert regular <a> or <img> things in your posts, they are post-relative, and so are previewimages. Although you’re probably better off doing root-relative links (since I’m not 100% sure if the RSS enclosures honor this)
21:36:32 <Feoh> ChrisWarrick: Thanks much. For mey the answer is "It works the same as any embedded image".