Logs for #nikola for 2022-08-02

14:59:58 <Feoh> ChrisWarrick: That's awesome, tyvm! I was wondering if you had any thoughts around unit testing to help define & test our contract with plugins like markdown. Like, would it have been helpful if a test failed at the time the markdown plugin changed?
17:27:39 <ChrisWarrick> Feoh: our tests probably weren’t run when that happened
17:28:00 <ChrisWarrick> Feoh: if they were, there is a pipeline that runs `nikola build`
17:44:48 <Feoh> Hrrm thanks. I wonder if we could automate that to some extent with GH actions.
17:58:07 <ChrisWarrick> we can run tests on schedule
17:58:11 <ChrisWarrick> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/commit/1f487e689eb22fee565b629ddbad5f8565a3def1
18:13:32 <Feoh> Nice, that's fantastic!
21:07:32 <BlaisePabon[m]1> at my last $DAYJOB we were using `zuul-ci` and one of the things it does is run tests prior to merge... 
21:07:32 <BlaisePabon[m]1> I wonder if we do something similar with doit ?
21:09:44 <BlaisePabon[m]1> https://youtu.be/aWA8HFxFpos?t=514