Logs for #nikola for 2022-07-31

19:01:26 <BlaisePabon[m]1> (I have a healthy respect for the complexities of time, and I know that many old ways of dealing with timezones in python still work, but are discouraged)
19:01:26 <BlaisePabon[m]1> I see that `conf.py` imports `time` and that it maps   `"date": time.gmtime().tm_year,`
19:01:26 <BlaisePabon[m]1> so is `time` the idiomatic way to deal with dates in Nikola?
19:01:26 <BlaisePabon[m]1> For example, what is the suggestion for `now` , `today` and `latest` ?
19:36:44 <ChrisWarrick> BlaisePabon[m]1: there are no suggestions
19:37:25 <ChrisWarrick> BlaisePabon[m]1: nikola uses datetime+dateutil internally
19:37:47 <ChrisWarrick> BlaisePabon[m]1: if you want to insert the current date into your footer, don’t, that will kill incremental builds