Logs for #nikola for 2022-05-26

03:02:14 <BlaisePabon[m]> Thanks ChrisWarrick apparently that was the issue... I was running 8.1.2 and now with 8.2.2 it works fine, thank you!
08:15:02 <skrattaren> Hello guys,
08:15:37 <skrattaren> I'm moving my blog from BitBucket Pages to GitHub (i.e., only domain has changed)
08:17:28 <skrattaren> Is there any proper way to set up redirection?  For no I went with replacing index ("landing") page with "We moved" announcement, and replacing content of each post with "The post has moved" text
08:18:33 <skrattaren> Is there a better way?  Or maybe something more I can do to make new domain more searchable etc?
08:18:49 <skrattaren> Thanks in advance, and thanks Chris for the great tool, BTW
10:29:09 <betabug> skrattaren: there is a "simplistic" redirect you can set in the config file for a url, dunno if that is what you are looking for
10:29:49 <betabug> # A list of redirection tuples, [("foo/from.html", "/bar/to.html")].
10:29:56 <betabug> in conf.py
10:40:23 <skrattaren> betabug: good point, I've seen that, but kinda forgot, I guess =)
10:40:37 <betabug> :-)
10:40:46 <betabug> if it fits what you need
10:42:20 <skrattaren> Setting up REDIRECTS for index and other PAGES, while all the blog posts contain "moved there ->" link should do the trick, I guess
10:43:05 <skrattaren> Thank you!  I'll stick around for a while in case anybody has other ideas
10:43:10 <betabug> I don't think you can have content with this
10:43:21 <betabug> this will put in empty pages that contain a redirect in the headers
10:43:59 <skrattaren> Yup, but I'm not eager to list all the POSTS in REDIRECTS
10:45:16 <betabug> ah yeah
10:45:27 <skrattaren> So `/index.html` and `about.html` would be proper redirects, and blog posts themselves will have to do be empty with just a new link
10:45:33 <betabug> the other thing you could do is edit the output html pages and put in the redirect in the headers yourself
10:46:07 <skrattaren> With my trusty `sed` =D
10:48:21 <betabug> exactly
11:28:54 <skrattaren> Using REDIRECTS worked like a charm!  And resulting HTML should be quite easy to adapt for all the posts, a matter of simple `os.path.walk` and replacing placeholder in HTML template
11:41:41 <betabug> nice :-)
11:55:40 <skrattaren> Thanks again, betabug
12:03:14 <betabug> yw :-)