Logs for #nikola for 2022-05-17

17:37:58 <Feoh> Has anyone ever had any luck embedding images into Markdown posts? When I do: ![Windows Python Prompt With Py](WindowsPyPrompt.png) - the generated link points to the root of the posts folder rather than Nikola's images folder which I'd think would be what we'd want.
19:03:04 <Feoh> Got it. Using ../images/ works
19:29:54 <ChrisWarrick> Feoh: ![Whatever](/images/WindowsPyPrompt.png)
19:47:49 <Feoh> Ah betcha it's the leading / - just like the documentation says (facepalm)
19:48:04 <Feoh> Once again I super appreciate all your hard work. Nikola is a joy to use. Converting my second blog to it now :)
20:17:29 <betabug> nikola r0xx