Logs for #nikola for 2022-05-02

12:55:25 <x1101> Hi all, its me, back again. I've found another oddity that I'd appreciate some help in understandin, so that I can fix it intlligently. 
12:56:51 <x1101> I wrote and contributed this https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/blob/master/v7/rss_ogg/rss_ogg.py but I am seeing some odd ... changes? ... in how it executes (I, sadly, cannot track down when this issue happened, as I haven't been updating my local env, and only found this after sorting out the issues I worked through yesterday)
12:58:53 <x1101> _previously_ when the task was called (starting at line 109), the `_enclosure` that was called hit the locally defined one, and generated a feed with the ogg enclosure meta data. When I ran it yesterday, it was generated a distinced file (rss_ogg.xml) as expected, but it was still using the regular `_enclosure` method from base nikola, not the locally defined version. 
12:59:51 <x1101> I've _temporarily_ fixed this on my local copy by removing `from nikola.nikola import _enclosure` and setting the call of `_enclosure` on line 118 to `self.enclosure`, but I am wondering two this.
13:00:16 <x1101> 1) why did this suddenly break? am I misunderstanding a scoping thig? 
13:00:30 <x1101> 2) this there a better/cleaner way to resolve this?
16:07:28 <ChrisWarrick> x1101: report an issue on github
17:19:38 <x1101> ChrisWarrick: I guess that is the root of my quesiton. Is this a nikola issue, or did I just do it wrong in the plugin I wrote? If its a bug, absolutely. But if its in my code, I just wanted to know if there's a clean way to fix it.
17:20:01 <ChrisWarrick> it’s hard to tell based on your description without looking at the code
17:20:31 <x1101> OK, I'll open a bug, and hopefully someone can help me figure out what the long term fix is
17:32:54 <KwBot> [nikola] x1101 opened issue #3620: scoping / import issue with plugin https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/3620