Logs for #nikola for 2022-04-19

16:55:10 <jstein> I want to make a schedule in nikola. http://trolug.de/termine.html Here I used a .csv file which is parsed in .rst But now I have a website where it would be nice to have a time for international guests for online workshops. Do we have a nikola plugin to create or parse .ical files? Is there a nice trick to provide a time for each timezone? For example by selecting the timezone similar to the language in nikola 
16:56:11 <jstein> I like the Idea of https://dateful.com/time-zone-converter?t=12.55&tz2=EST-EDT-Eastern-Time, but I do not want to depend on external websites
20:38:08 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: https://plugins.getnikola.com/v7/ical/ is a thing
20:38:40 <ChrisWarrick> jstein: you could code up a timezone thing, and possibly one that automagically converts to the user’s time zone, quite easily in JS