Logs for #nikola for 2022-04-08

20:30:48 <drgerg> Hello. Just now became aware of nikola.  Is it a fork of Pelican?  Am I going to be shot for asking that?  ;-)'
20:51:50 <ChrisWarrick> drgerg: we are not in any way related to pelican
20:52:20 <ChrisWarrick> the only thing we have in common is that both are python static site generators, but then again, many things are
20:53:39 <drgerg> Thanks for the reply.  I recently moved my site from WordPress to Pelican and it works pretty good. But then a few minutes ago I saw Nikola in a Channel List here and it piqued my curiosity.
20:54:47 <drgerg> I've been trying to get some question answered over in the Pelican channel, but no one is answering (in over a day). Makes me think perhaps it's not so much in motion maybe.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
20:55:36 <drgerg> Now I'm thinking maybe I need to move my site from Pelican to Nikola.  I assume you'd encourage that. ;-)
21:22:33 <ChrisWarrick> well, I would
21:23:15 <ChrisWarrick> we have a pretty reasonable wordpress importer too
21:23:51 <drgerg> I've already spent quite a bit of time getting everything (mostly) changed over to markdown.
21:24:04 <drgerg> I'm guessing that would make it pretty easy.
21:25:59 <ChrisWarrick> we have support for pelican-style metadata too (although if you feel like converting things, perhaps just convert them into our native format)