Logs for #nikola for 2022-03-18

03:19:58 <jasonbraganza> hello folks, is there a way i can change / override css for just one static page that i have?
03:20:28 <jasonbraganza> i want to style https://janusworx.com/reading/ a bit differently wrt to footnotes and font sizes and stuff
08:14:23 <ChrisWarrick> jasonbraganza: https://getnikola.com/creating-a-custom-page.html
08:44:23 <jasonbraganza> @ChrisWarrick, thank you. will go read and try it out!
13:12:05 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: Thanks for the tip, how do I find out which of the extras I need? :)
13:53:23 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: Nikola will tell you if a feature you’re trying to use requires an extra
15:18:03 <erdgeist> No, even without the [extra] it wants to install macfsevents
15:31:13 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: ah, it’s probably a dependency of doit, you’d need to figure out a way to skip that dependency (perhaps install a fake package? I’m not sure)