Logs for #nikola for 2022-03-11

03:15:11 <feoh> So for what it's worth I think the right answer for me is to follow the instructions to make my landing page not immediately load the blog and then have folks click the "Blog" link to get there. That way I can have my landing page and also scaffolding for other things I might wish to add to the site.
06:17:49 <feoh> I bodged something in for now by just overriding base.tmpl and stuffing an img src in the right spot :)
06:18:41 <feoh> Once I figure it out myself I'd love to add a specific example of template override to the docs. They just currently say to create a blank theme and only override the bits you need, which is great, but actually being able to see a concrete example of that would be helpful IMO.
06:34:21 <feoh> If anyone could point me at an example blog which contains a minimal theme mostly containing over-rides, I'd appreciate it. I'll submit a PR for the docs.
08:23:16 <ChrisWarrick> feoh: `nikola theme` has a --copy parameter
15:10:48 <feoh> Right, I think I'm not articulating what I'm looking for very well :) I did that very copy command to override base.tmpl
15:11:02 <feoh> But in base.tmpl I see a bunch of block definitions
15:11:18 <feoh> It SEEMS from the docs like I can simply add things in those blocks in my overridden file
15:11:25 <feoh> But I don't understand what that looks like syntax wise.
15:13:53 <ChrisWarrick> feoh: https://www.makotemplates.org/ or https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/3.0.x/
15:14:23 <ChrisWarrick> feoh: also, to change just the index page, you might want to modify index.tmpl (or perhaps if you’re dealing with a custom index page, pages/index.rst?)
15:38:04 <feoh> My goal is INCREDIBLY simple
15:38:34 <feoh> I just want to add an image at the top of my site, before anything else. Thanks for the pointers those will be helpful.
15:40:29 <feoh> https://github.com/feoh/playing-with-quicksilver/blob/732bbf825d78ac622500e42d6aa50b8764ed7d76/templates/base.tmpl#L18
15:40:39 <feoh> is my one line change to base.tmpl to add an img src tag :)
19:05:29 <feoh> Ah that Mako doc is SUPER helpful. Thanks again. I don't think there's an existing block where I'd need one (just inside the dive, before the title and nav) but I could even define one for folks who want a splash image or the like.
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