Logs for #nikola for 2022-02-21

03:34:10 <drbeco> hi there
03:34:51 <drbeco> I just installed a test , and I probably did everything wrong. How do I clean up, uninstall everything, and start again?
03:39:20 <drbeco> basically, what I did was: 1. python3 env, 2. activate, 3. pip install things, 4. pip install Nikola[extras], 5. nikola init, 6. nikola build, 7. nikola new_post, 8. nikola build, 9. nikola serve
03:40:51 <drbeco> I see messages that things where set on directory /home/user/.cache and also my $PATH variable is altered
03:41:18 <drbeco> So, to completely clean up and get the system back as it was, how should I proceed? Thanks for any light
03:44:02 <drbeco> I guess i'm not used to pip install (where things go?) and python env (how to remove, deactivate?)
07:14:35 <betabug> drbeco: once you close the terminal, terminate that shell, or logout, the virtualenv is "deactivated"
07:14:55 <betabug> drbeco: if you delete the directory of the virutalenv, all the nikola install is gone
07:15:56 <betabug> in ~/.cache, python / pip places some generic stuff that were downloaded during install, so they won't have to be downloaded again next time
07:16:25 <betabug> probably you could delete those somehow, but there really isn't any need for that
12:39:51 <drbeco> betabug, thanks
12:43:02 <drbeco> I was reading the manual, and I couldn't figure out how to setup apache to serve a nikolas site. Is there any links or tutorial on that?
12:43:06 <drbeco> thanks
12:43:17 <betabug> it's a static folder
12:43:35 <drbeco> the posts folder , you mean?
12:43:39 <betabug> standard apache thing, it would be a bit out of range for nikola documentation
12:44:10 <drbeco> did I read somewhere there is a posts folder and a pages folder
12:44:17 <betabug> in nikola you set up "deploy" to write (or send) the output somewhere
12:44:31 <drbeco> hum...
12:44:40 <betabug> yes, but for deploying you are interested in the "output" folder
12:44:54 <betabug> which has everything that's needed, e.g. css etc.
12:45:06 <drbeco> let me look at it
12:45:26 <betabug> so typically you have a one-line shell script to copy or send that output folder to where it should be served
12:45:49 <drbeco> so if I open http://domain.ext/output , the site will be correct?
12:45:52 <betabug> you *definitely* do not want to serve that output folder right away, or you could not try out changes without them being published
12:46:02 <betabug> no, that's not correct at all
12:47:10 <drbeco> suppose I have apache serving my site at /home/user/public_html , everything I put there is automatically up
12:47:38 <drbeco> I tries to put the whole teste website folder inside it yesterday
12:48:00 <betabug> 1) set up DEPLOY_COMMANDS in conf.py to copy/send your files to where they should be served (e.g. cp -a /path/to/nikola/output /home/user/public_html
12:48:14 <drbeco> I see
12:48:35 <betabug> 2) set up apache to serve /home/user/public_html as the root of your site (or wherever in your site you want the nikola site to be
12:49:16 <drbeco> now it is clear 
12:49:16 <betabug> point 1 is somehow documented in the nikola docs (not to the level of what to put exactly into DEPLOY_COMMANDS, as this depends on everybody's needs)
12:49:25 <betabug> point 2... that's apache docs :-)
12:49:42 <betabug> great, glad to have cleared it up a bit :-)
12:50:31 <drbeco> I thought the whole "teste" folder was to be created inside the /home/user/public_html/teste , but when I tried to browse to http://domain.ext/teste nothing worked ! :)
12:51:01 <drbeco> Maybe as a simple test before I delete, I should try to see if  http://domain.ext/teste/output works
12:51:16 <drbeco> yes, indeed!
12:51:21 <betabug> no, without copying things over, nothing will be there
12:51:33 <drbeco> it do work
12:51:38 <betabug> if it's there, then you should *not* use that setup
12:51:47 <drbeco> because it is just a folder bellow public_html
12:52:01 <betabug> do *not* let apache serve directly your nikola virtualenv directory
12:52:09 <drbeco> ok
12:52:18 <drbeco> it was a simple test , to check the folder
12:52:24 <betabug> do not set up your nikola working directory under public_html
12:52:32 <betabug> sure, I guess no harm done
12:52:51 <drbeco> first time I saw the site hot , up and running. It is beautiful ;)
12:52:54 <betabug> but you want that extra step to "deploy" your site from where you work on it to where it gets served
12:53:35 <betabug> if you run nikola on your local computer, you can use "nikola serve" to check out changes, and then use scp or rsync to deploy to the server
12:53:38 <drbeco> Yes, now I'll delete everything and start over. I didn't know where to put the folders. I put nikola and teste inside public_html
12:54:05 <betabug> I would put nikola and teste into /home/username/work
12:54:26 <drbeco> that folder thing, this is sooo helpful, betabug. Thanks
12:54:36 <betabug> np, glad to help
12:54:54 <drbeco> in the nikola site they "striped" out the folders from the command examples, and it is all relative. We can't figure out where to put things
12:55:55 <drbeco> i'll bother you with another question later, if you don't mind. But now i need to enter a meeting. Hopefully we catch up later
12:56:00 <betabug> personally I have the nikola working directories on my laptop locally, and deploy to the server
12:56:35 <betabug> sure, just keep asking, I'll help if I can or maybe someone else :-)
12:56:42 <betabug> this is irc after all
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