Logs for #nikola for 2022-02-07

12:08:16 <mariano> hi! is there a slug handler that will rewrite a file link to the right one?
12:08:50 <mariano> let's say I have a json file I want to link from a page or post and I want to make sure that it will link to the correct place after I deploy it
12:09:27 <mariano> my file is at /files/something/file.json how do I link to it the right way?
12:26:19 <mariano> it seems links starting with a slash are rewritten
13:06:14 <betabug> mariano: rewritten yes, but they should work as relative links in the output html, no?
14:31:33 <mariano> betabug: yes, they are relative
14:36:47 <betabug> so what is the problem? the link is not set right?
14:37:40 <mariano> nope, I realized "it just worked(TM)" after asking :)
14:37:49 <mariano> thanks for the rubber duck session anyway :D
14:37:56 <betabug> hahaha, ok :-)