Logs for #nikola for 2021-11-26

15:17:16 <Cary> Hi everyone, today I was tinkering with my `conf.py` today, changing the `READ_MORE_LINK`. I was surprised when `nikola build` seemed to make no difference with the appearance of the link, but I discovered this was because Nikola did not rebuild the page. When I deleted the page, Nikola was forced to rebuild it and gave an updated version of the link. 
15:19:23 <Cary> I was wondering if this is intended behaviour? Since Nikola has rebuilt pages for most other characteristics (change in the markdown, enable teasers in `conf.py`, copyright in `conf.py`) it seemed a bit unusual to me that it did not rebuild for `READ_MORE_LINK`.
15:36:28 <ChrisWarrick> Cary: that’s a bug
15:47:54 <ChrisWarrick> Cary: just pushed a fix for master, thanks for reporting
16:34:59 <Cary> No problem, thank you for fixing it.
22:09:46 <mrtn> Time to report on my gallery adventures (posted from another computer so other screen name tonight).
22:11:34 <mrtn> It struck me that something probably si corrupt in my website project. To test this I have created a new one from scratch religiously following this instruction. https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html
22:12:49 <ChrisWarrick> Nikola isn’t too stateful, so I don’t think that would be the case
22:13:50 <mrtn> Now it works! I do notice a galleries folder was created from scratch in the output folder. My old website project didn't have that. I don't know why but I probably removed it myself. Adding such a folder by hand does not help.
22:14:19 <ChrisWarrick> mrtn: could you publish your site source somewhere?
22:14:54 <mrtn> My complete folder structure for the old website?
22:15:06 <ChrisWarrick> yes, that, + your conf.py file
22:16:08 <mrtn> Yes, sure, there are no secrets there. Not any I remember at least :-)
22:17:12 <mrtn> But where? I am looking for a new place for my web and it seems all alternatives I have studied so far offer more than enough disc space but I have not decided yet.
22:18:49 <ChrisWarrick> mrtn: if you’re just publishing the folder structure (`tree` output) and a config file, then just use bpaste.net
22:20:14 <mrtn> I actually already have an archive of all that from just before starting to change things. 8.5 MB so not too large.
22:21:05 <ChrisWarrick> then you could post it to whatever the least shady file sharing site is these days (wetransfer?)
22:24:43 <mrtn> I can try
22:29:29 <mrtn> Done, I think.
22:35:55 <ChrisWarrick> mrtn: okay, where’s the link?
22:36:12 <ChrisWarrick> ah, got it via email
22:36:42 <mrtn> I sent it to your @getnikola.com email
22:36:54 <mrtn> [censored]
22:38:22 <ChrisWarrick> you have this in your conf.py:
22:38:24 <ChrisWarrick> DISABLED_PLUGINS = ["robots", "render_galleries"]
22:39:02 <mrtn> Well, what did I say yesterday about old eyes :-)
22:39:04 <ChrisWarrick> after removing the latter, and placing some images in galleries/xyz, I got a gallery in output/galleries/xyz
22:39:11 <ChrisWarrick> so yeah, problem solved :)
22:39:41 <mrtn> Great, I will try that right away.
22:42:53 <mrtn> Yes that worked!!
22:43:11 <ChrisWarrick> great!
22:45:39 <mrtn> Next mystery, why can't I switch back to material-theme? Well that will have to wait to another day.
23:01:04 <ChrisWarrick> switch back?
23:01:56 <ChrisWarrick> mrtn: when I built your site, I got material-theme
23:03:14 <mrtn> OK, You got the version archived before I started tampering with it. Sometime yesterday I did something that prevents material-theme to work so right now I use either bootstrap or bootstrap4.
23:03:24 <mrtn> As I said, for another day.