Logs for #nikola for 2021-11-25

01:55:38 <Cary> I return with good news! It was indeed the Docker not recognising installations outside of itself. Thank you very much keturn—I've spent much more time than I'd like to admit on the issue today.
04:07:49 <keturn> Glad to hear you got something working in the end!
21:48:30 <Guest1672> Anyone on top things when it comes to generating galleries?
21:52:38 <ChrisWarrick> Guest1672: ask a more specific question?
21:53:25 <Guest1672> OK, I wanted to see if anyone was awake first. :-)
21:56:58 <Guest1672> So I have been uing Nikola for a few years now. I am not a daily user. I have built a web and a few stand-alone galleries. Now I want to add galleries to said web. The documentation say add folders with pictures to the galleries folder and Nikola will take care of the rest. And, indeed, that is how my stand-alone galleries work. But not for the galleries I add to the web. Nikola just ignores the galleries folder as far as I 
21:56:58 <Guest1672> can see. I have updated Nikola and themes. I have switched between themes. No Luck with any of that. I have compare conf.py files for hours now and I am not able to figure out what is wrong.
21:58:59 <Guest1672> I am stuck. What are the most common mistakes that could result in this?
22:42:51 <ChrisWarrick> Guest1672: galleries do just work by default. It is possible that your galleries folders are named incorrectly, or that your conf.py has some other gallery folder specified
22:43:08 <ChrisWarrick> Guest1672: the demo site (nikola init -d) includes a gallery, perhaps look at that and see how it worsk
22:50:02 <Guest1672> Thanks, those are kind of error I have been looking for. No such thing seen yet but that could be my old eyes. I have compare to galleries that do work.
22:50:29 <Guest1672> Anyway, time to sleep and give it another try tomorrow.