Logs for #nikola for 2021-11-24

21:27:57 <Cary> Hello there, hope everyone is doing well
21:30:30 <Cary> I have a question/issue with Nikola, Ubuntu, and Pandoc, if anyone wouldn't mind lending a hand. The crux of the problem is that Nikola seems to be unable to find an installation of Pandoc, despite me having clearly installed Pandoc.
21:31:53 <Cary> Is it alright to post a link to Stack Overflow? I posted my issue more in depth here, complete with code blocks - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70102585/pandoc-could-not-be-found-on-ubuntu-despite-installing-with-pip-and-sudo-apt-get
21:36:05 <felixfontein> I don't have any experience with pandoc, but why don't you add a run step which just does `pandoc --help` inbetween to see whether it is actually in $PATH?
21:36:57 <felixfontein> also when looking at https://github.com/west1ng/nikola-action it seems it might use a docker container, so you need to install pandoc in that container, not on the host (what you are currently doing)
21:41:03 <Cary> That sounds reasonable, I will certainly try that and get back, thank you for the suggestion.
21:41:30 <felixfontein> I'm not sure how well that works with that action though...
21:41:32 <felixfontein> good luck!
22:31:31 <Cary> Well, I tried testing if `pandoc --help` worked. And it did! So the installation should be fine, Ubuntu can find it without issue.
22:52:56 <Cary> So, I'm thinking, if pandoc's all set up and good, what could be preventing Nikola from finding it?
23:16:21 <keturn> Yeah, I think this is a question of how GitHub Actions composes these things which consist of multiple steps. That's not something I have the answers to.
23:18:30 <keturn> My reading is that `apt-get install pandoc` is happening within the environment set up by `runs-on: ubuntu-latest`, but then the Nikola step `uses: nikola-action`, which has its own Dockerfile (from: python3.8).
23:19:33 <keturn> In the end, nikola is executing in that docker container, and it can't see any dependencies you might have installed outside it.
23:22:35 <Cary> I see, that could well explain why when I tried testing pandoc in earlier steps, it worked as expected, but always failed in the Nikola step. 
23:23:44 <Cary> I suppose a solution then would be to edit Nikola's entrypoint.sh file itself, and add the pandoc installation there? I will try it, thank you for the insight.
23:26:33 <keturn> The install commands are in the entrypoint, not the Dockerfile? So it seems. That is not what I would have expected, but again, I haven't written any GitHub Actions.
23:30:59 <Cary> It seemed that the entrypoint was where the dependencies resided (Nikola[extras] were installed there). I'm going to try to add a line to install pandoc there, will return later—hopefully with a success story :)