Logs for #nikola for 2021-07-25

09:39:30 <Guest8> Anyone have a GitLab repo with CI-CD working? Tried with the template (https://gitlab.com/pages/nikola) but seems to be not working
09:40:49 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: how does it not work?
09:43:27 <Guest8> https://gitlab.com/daniel-at-internet/blog/-/pipelines 
09:44:13 <Guest8> missing pages artifacts
09:45:03 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: could you try setting OUTPUT_FOLDER = "public"  in conf.py?
09:45:18 <Guest8> ok
09:50:50 <Guest8> Works πŸŽ‰ 
09:51:47 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: perhaps the project could explain it better - but note that the provied conf.py overrides OUTPUT_FOLDER to public
09:54:02 <Guest8> Now I have to configure GitLab "You don't have permission to access the resource." β†’ http://daniel-at-internet.gitlab.io
09:54:43 <Guest8> but this is outside of Nikola scope 
09:54:52 <ChrisWarrick> yes, perhaps your repo privacy settings are wrong
09:57:40 <Guest8> My bad, it was working, the real URL is http://daniel-at-internet.gitlab.io/blog/
10:06:37 <ChrisWarrick> Guest8: you might want to create a repo named daniel-at-internet.gitlab.io
10:08:43 <Guest8> ... maybe :)
10:09:55 <Guest8> Now I will document this and try to configure https
10:11:06 <Guest8> thanks for the help with the OUTPUT_FOLDER πŸ™‚
10:18:36 <ChrisWarrick> no problem!
18:26:50 <Guest7895> Added a favicon.ico in files and configured it in config.py
18:26:53 <Guest7895> FAVICONS = ( ("icon", "/favicon.ico", "16x16"), )
18:27:07 <Guest7895> trying it with nikola auto
18:27:18 <Guest7895> but no favicon in firefox
18:27:34 <Guest7895> Am I missing something?
18:27:35 <ChrisWarrick> if you have a favicon.ico, the browser should just pick it up on its own
18:27:44 <ChrisWarrick> if you go to localhost:8000/favicon.ico, does it show up?
18:39:15 <Guest7895> Changed the favicon.ico and now works πŸ˜‡
18:45:21 <Guest7895> Firefox caches favicon.ico, and don't refresh it unless you go to localhost:8000/favicon.ico and press refresh (the same with external pages)
19:52:55 <Guest7895> In markdown could be configured that urls get converted to hrefs? Example: Nikola https://getnikola.com/ β†’ Nikola [https://getnikola.com/](https://getnikola.com/)
19:54:39 <Guest7895> Looked in https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#markdown and https://python-markdown.github.io/ with no luck
19:59:22 <ChrisWarrick> Guest7895: I don’t think python-markdown ships with an extension for that, you could find one or write your own
20:05:38 <Guest7895> I will start from the manual route, and see how much time it costs me https://xkcd.com/1205/
20:08:01 <ChrisWarrick> the manual route? so, adding <> around links?