Logs for #nikola for 2021-07-16

12:35:40 <raveit65> Hello, what languages can i use for translating a website generated by nikola ? I searched at https://github.com/getnikola/nikola but i didn't found a list.
12:36:39 <raveit65> We are using transifex for translations and i don't want to add an unsupprted language.
12:50:28 <felixfontein> raveit65: you can find a list here: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/tree/master/nikola/data/themes/base/messages
12:51:12 <felixfontein> Nikola is laso using transifex: https://www.transifex.com/ralsina/nikola/
12:51:43 <felixfontein> (there you can also see how complete languages are)
13:02:08 <raveit65> felixfontein, cool, I will look there, thx
13:32:40 <raveit65> felixfon1ein, another question, nikola build failed because translators edited the header of a file. (line 0-9) https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-desktop.org/pull/295/commits/ac4db0e479af6087169a5c34e0b7f5ba9ec95980#diff-818384435ccbafcd8ecb5c879e3e1f61c633b2d668df422b5a340dabf573041cR1
13:33:36 <raveit65> Can i write a comment in this header? Something like `Do not translat`   :)
13:34:37 <raveit65> Nikola builds fine when everthing is in english here
13:41:37 <felixfon1ein> I'm sure ChrisWarrick can answer that :) I'd have to dwell through the code, haven't looked at that part for a long time
13:42:00 <felixfon1ein> what you can definitely do is add another HTML comment after the header saying that the above should not be translated
13:48:37 <raveit65> Like this <!-- example text --> ?    Html is new for me :)
13:52:06 <felixfon1ein> yes
13:52:14 <felixfon1ein> the header is wrapped in a HTML comment so that MarkDown will ignore it
18:28:06 <ChrisWarrick> if your translators are likely to mess up, you could use 2-file posts
18:29:56 <ChrisWarrick> although you might want to translate titles…
18:30:17 <ChrisWarrick> so perhaps work on educating your translators how the metadata blocks work
20:55:02 <raveit65> ChrisWarrick, so translating titles in header is fine? Ok, you're right the only thing i can do is to post translation rules at transifex, to reduce my personal work load.....
20:55:26 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: yes, you can translate titles just fine
20:56:01 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: you might also think about translating slugs — I probably wouldn’t, but it’s also an option that would work
21:00:51 <raveit65> yeah, i will think about, at the moment i am happy  that adding our website to transifex is finished, only 10-15 weird translations feed back from transifex, (i have to investigate), with help from you and transifex support, thx again.  
21:01:40 <ChrisWarrick> you're welcome!