Logs for #nikola for 2021-07-12

18:57:25 <raveit65> Hi, our project use nikola to build our website https://mate-desktop.org/ We want to translate the sit with transifex translation webserver. Unfortunately transifex doesn't support .rst files. So i converted our index.rst to index.md with pandoc . But ther is an issue with converting `post-list`. Nikola doesn't generate the list and printed only the input config of the post-list index.md
18:58:20 <raveit65> see our issue traker how it looks https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-desktop.org/pull/198#issue-686872960
18:58:58 <raveit65> Any idea to solfe this problem?
18:59:31 <raveit65> Or does `post-list` only work with .rst files ?
19:00:47 <raveit65> error solve
19:06:09 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: post-list in markdown is possible, but you need to use shortcodes
19:07:35 <raveit65> ChrisWarrick, tried using {% post-list stop=5 %}{% /post-list %}
19:07:53 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: what was the result?
19:08:12 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: Nikola shortcodes require double braces
19:09:32 <raveit65> result was   ::: {.post-list lang="en" stop="5"}{% /post-list %}
19:10:30 <raveit65> you mean better using {% post-list stop=5 /post-list %} ?
19:10:52 <raveit65> ChrisWarrick, ^^^
19:11:15 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: {{% post-list stop=5 %}}{{% /post-list %}}
19:12:54 <raveit65> ChrisWarrick, ok, i will try. i using land iside ok?  {{% post-list lang="en" stop=5 %}}{{% /post-list %}}
19:13:11 <raveit65> error language
19:14:19 <ChrisWarrick> perhaps it’s supposed to be lang=en
19:29:19 <raveit65> ChrisWarrick, thanks a lot. This works like a charm :) 
19:29:27 <ChrisWarrick> raveit65: you’re welcome!