Logs for #nikola for 2021-06-06

20:36:44 <sverona> Hi, I'm using the orgmode plugin to render -- is there a way to get Nikola to recognize org-style frontmatter, eg #+title: My post?
20:37:33 <ChrisWarrick> sverona: Hi, the orgmode plugin doesn’t seem to do that
20:38:21 <ChrisWarrick> sverona: (From Nikola’s point of view, it could — perhaps you could try to contribute that :) )
20:38:38 <sverona> ChrisWarrick: I had the same thought
20:39:26 <sverona> ChrisWarrick: I'm trying to figure out whether I need to write it in python or elisp, though
20:40:28 <ChrisWarrick> sverona: I don’t know much about orgmode; if it’s trivial to parse out the metadata with python (or there’s some existing library for it), it could be done with just python
20:40:59 <ChrisWarrick> sverona: If that’s not possible, then you’d need an elisp thing that outputs the data in a way which python can easily consume
20:46:09 <sverona> ChrisWarrick: I think there are enough org-export plugins that something equivalent has been done. I'll need to look at the internals though.
21:12:59 <sverona> ChrisWarrick: Hm it may be simpler to use Python. There *is* an undocumented workaround that permits ReST style frontmatter, which I think should also be mentioned in the docs. But parsing it out should be nearly trivial. I'll see what I can do
21:45:26 <sverona> ChrisWarrick: I'll open an issue for this, if it's appropriate; there are some finer concerns I want to address
21:46:16 <ChrisWarrick> sure, go ahead, just make sure it’s in the getnikola/plugins repo
21:46:25 <sverona> awesome, thanks ^^