Logs for #nikola for 2021-06-03

06:58:07 <KwBot> Guest353: 20:09:05 <ChrisWarrick> What metadata do you have in mind?
07:14:08 <Guest353> !tell ChrisWarrick like title,author,date,slug,tags and tags are very important for me. So I edited the notebook metadata like it was suggested. I used nikola field. There are two things, the first one is that if I use the cli command then I can add tags, but when I use -i, i think those metadata should be read from the notebook. Basically my
07:14:08 <KwBot> Guest353: acknowledged.
07:14:09 <Guest353> problem is that when I use -i then i expect the metadata will be read from the notebook. I have tried use the "example format" on the site plus I had added tags field to it. As far as I can understand when I use the -i then the post/page created from the notebook (my case) and if it contains a metadata (nikola) field then those values will be read
07:14:09 <Guest353> from the notebook. Now either the command does not work like how i thought it will or  the command does not work. Is it clear what my problem is?
11:15:22 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: for notebooks, we take metadata from a specific section in the notebook (not in the post text, it’s accessible somewhere in the jupyter menu) or you can put it in a .meta file.
11:17:03 <Guest353> I know that but it doesn't work for me, for some reason.
11:17:28 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: what doesn’t work?
11:18:17 <Guest353> The tag retrieve from the notebook, it doesn't show it when I create a post
11:19:04 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: in jupyter, go to edit → edit notebook metadata
11:19:17 <Guest353> I did that
11:19:38 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: okay, do you see the nikola section there? are you editing the .ipynb file in your posts/pages folder?
11:20:31 <Guest353> So i see the nikola field before i create a post but after the the creation the field have changed
11:21:10 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: it’s possible that -i is overwriting the nikola metadata, it might be a bug
11:21:58 <Guest353> That's what i am been thinking about, I used the -i but it seems like it's using the default settings
11:23:23 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: if you have the metadata specified in full, you can just copy the file into posts directly
11:24:39 <Guest353> If I have copied the ipynb to the post directory then I get an error when I try to compile.
11:25:03 <ChrisWarrick> What error?
11:25:47 <ChrisWarrick> The assumption with -i is that it will add metadata, we expect the imported files to have no metadata, so it’s not a bug, it’s expected behavior
11:26:01 <ChrisWarrick> The metadata you provided in the .ipynb file might be incomplete
11:28:54 <Guest353> so basically the -i doesn't extract the metadata form ipynb?
11:29:03 <ChrisWarrick> no, it doesn’t extract any metadata
11:29:14 <ChrisWarrick> it assumes you give it a blank file with no metadata and adds new metadata to it
11:29:30 <ChrisWarrick> if you have metadata already, you can just copy into the posts/pages folders
11:30:04 <ChrisWarrick> s/blank//
11:35:48 <Guest353> Okey I get this part now. Thank you. What will happen if I just copy the notebook? Will it render?
11:37:31 <ChrisWarrick> If your notebook has the nikola metadata section, it will render
11:40:42 <Guest353> I have checked it, it works, but it still doesn't work like that when i just use the command, it doesn't appear in the tags or archive page. Do I have to configure this by hand? 
11:43:19 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: don’t use -i if you have metadata in your file
11:43:54 <ChrisWarrick> Guest353: it should appear in the tags/archive though if it’s a post
11:45:18 <Guest353> use it like this: nikola new_post [my_notebook]  ?
11:49:22 <Guest353> I am not sure or I don't understand how I can create a new_post from a an existing notebook with the metadata.
11:51:19 <Guest353> I thought I can do this by using the -i, but as you explained that it doesn't do that. 
12:07:40 <ChrisWarrick> cp existing.ipynb posts
12:07:58 <ChrisWarrick> new_post is not needed at all if you have the metadata
12:12:42 <Guest353> Okey. I copied the notebook to the post directory, but after the build it will be rendered under the "blog" and it won't appear neither in the archives nor the tags page, basically I will be able to reach the page, however it doesn't appear the same way when I use the new_post command. Now the the notebook has tags at bottom of the page, but I
12:12:42 <Guest353> cannot see them on the tags page.
12:14:51 <Guest353> Sorry if i keep you busy, I am just trying to use it and understand it how it works '=D . I didn't see any manual for this use-case.
16:53:26 <ChrisWarrick> !tell Guest353 It’s always fine to ask questions; perhaps it would be better to ask them via the mailing list or github discissions
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