Logs for #nikola for 2021-01-09

12:41:58 <velonous> Hi!
12:42:31 <velonous> I have just installed nikola on mac os as per the instructions in the getting started page
12:43:28 <velonous> how do i then add nikola to my system path?
14:19:23 <ChrisWarrick> velonous: you can just always activate the venv, that will be the easiest and safest
14:20:05 <ChrisWarrick> velonous: otherwise, you can make a symlink to venv/bin/nikola somewhere in your $PATH (~/.local/bin or /usr/local/bin or anywhere else you want and have on $PATH)
14:20:33 <ChrisWarrick> velonous: (note that adding all of venv/bin to $PATH will break a ton of non-Nikola things, so just symlink the `nikola` binary)
16:04:05 <velonous> ChrisWarrick: thanks!