Logs for #nikola for 2020-09-29

22:49:53 <a-shepelev> ChrisWarrick: Hello, Chris. Have you a minute?
22:50:14 <a-shepelev> And greetings to everybody, too.
22:50:39 <a-shepelev> Can Nikola handle very long and very short blog posts differenly?
22:51:18 <a-shepelev> (so that short ones are printed in full on the index page and long ones are presented as a title and intro paragraph).
22:53:19 <ChrisWarrick> a-shepelev: you probably want teasers, read the docs for more details
22:53:38 <a-shepelev> You are teasing me :-) Thanks.
22:53:41 * a-shepelev reading the docs.
22:55:51 <a-shepelev> Yes, it works. Thank you.
22:56:45 <a-shepelev> Another question: browsers display a "W" icon on a tab with my Nikola-based site. I think it called the "favicon". Can I change it or remove it?
22:57:21 <a-shepelev> Is it sufficient to put favicon.ico under files/ ?
23:05:38 <ChrisWarrick> trial-and-error is often a good idea with software
23:06:14 <a-shepelev> Yeah, that is how I debugged the huge and not-at-all simple amalgamated KISS css...
23:06:25 <a-shepelev> Trying with favicon.ico .
23:09:47 <a-shepelev> Nope, the presence of favicon.ico at the root of my website (accessible from the browser) has no effect.
23:10:38 <a-shepelev> Let us see the HTML...
23:11:53 <a-shepelev> I see: the template has some paco code that loops over the FAVICONS config setting.
23:14:43 <a-shepelev> I did not realise a list of icons instead of one might be used for a favicon...
23:14:55 <a-shepelev> I made it work.
23:15:41 <a-shepelev> OK, thank you, and good bye!