Logs for #nikola for 2020-09-22

23:34:47 <a-shepelev> Hello, all. Metadata information does not seem to work for in Markdown source, although I have enabled the 'meta' extension. Since the sample site has no .md source, can someone please test it for me in their installation?
23:35:37 <a-shepelev> When I enable 'meta', my Markdown metadata is no longer treated as text, but is otherwise ignored. For example, I cannot set a page's title via title: My title.
23:37:08 <a-shepelev> Since the problem is not observed with other source formats, I can't suggest anything else but a problem with Markdown handling...
23:41:39 <a-shepelev> On the other hand, the YAML style metadata works, but only if the end delimeter is `---'. I get exceptions if the end delimeter is either `...' or a blank line.