Logs for #nikola for 2020-08-30

09:36:57 <Armageddon> hello, I'm trying the org-mode plugin for nikola and having trouble generating a page that has code snippet for some reason
11:30:23 <Armageddon> I got it to a working point but the shortcodes don't work
15:32:55 <ChrisWarrick> Armageddon: did you try putting shortcodes outside of a code block?
15:44:21 <Armageddon> note, warning, don't work, the list on the front page worked but I'm not sure if it's because the front matter was wrong 
15:45:01 <Armageddon> I need to try again now that I figured out the org file front matter format 
15:50:31 <ChrisWarrick> Armageddon: probably not, I see in the source that it should use shortcodes
15:51:56 <Armageddon> I saw that as well but I keep getting that I can't find note, warning, code, code-block or even sourcecode
15:52:16 <Armageddon> those shortcodes don't work 
15:56:04 <ChrisWarrick> most of the things you listed are reST things
15:56:28 <ChrisWarrick> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#built-in-shortcodes
16:15:57 <Armageddon> they are, that part I know what I don't know if they are shortcodes cause I did see that somewhere 
16:16:24 <Armageddon> If they aren't supported then I guess I can simply move forward without them 
16:17:53 <ChrisWarrick> you can make a codeblock with the usual org-mode thing for code blocks, it might even be in readme
16:35:36 <Armageddon> I can do that and that's what I do, but warning and notes I have to use something else
16:35:42 <Armageddon> I don't know what exactly 
16:35:52 <ChrisWarrick> you can make your own shortcodes
16:36:28 <Armageddon> I was looking to see if I can find replacements first before writing my own 
16:48:20 <Armageddon> so you don't think there is a way to use note or warning from org short of writing my own shortcode for them
17:25:22 <Armageddon> the other solution, make it a snippet in yasnippet :>