Logs for #nikola for 2020-08-19

15:25:46 <scoates> hi. is there a way for me to change how links are rendered in rss.xml (and feed.atom) via template or something similar?
16:19:31 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: probably not, what modification do you have in mind?
16:20:37 <scoates> I'm trying to remove the trailing slashes from my URLs (with pretty urls turned on). Is there a smart way for me to hook into the url generator function (looks like _link() in templates, but probably not in the feeds?)
16:20:51 <scoates> would like to avoid reprocessint the XML
16:20:56 <scoates> *reprocessing
16:21:05 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: I would not recommend removing trailing slashes
16:21:20 <scoates> I know. (-:
16:21:35 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: unless your web server is configured for this, lack of a trailing slash adds a 30x redirect
16:21:45 <scoates> I'm serving the static HTML through a thin http handler, and I prefer the URLs without
16:22:03 <scoates> it'll actually redirect if there is a trailing slash
16:23:20 <ChrisWarrick> scoates: this is not user-configurable, the logic lives in post.py, in the permalink method
16:24:00 * scoates nods
16:24:04 <scoates> thanks. Can I hook that with a plugin?
16:26:11 <ChrisWarrick> not really
16:27:00 <ChrisWarrick> you could monkey-patch in a plugin
16:27:40 <scoates> this isn't Jekyll!
16:27:41 <scoates> (-;
16:28:08 <scoates> thanks for the help. I'll figure something out
17:27:16 <scoates> I feel dirty, but putting this at the bottom of conf.py seems to do what I need, FWIW. https://paste.website/p/7d5ae197-a7bb-4ddd-92a3-c4e6ad4329fc.txt
17:28:23 <scoates> (also, that might be a bug in Black huh. (-: )
17:40:11 <scoates> (and that should be rstrip)
18:57:11 <scoates> cool; got something deployed with `aws s3 sync …` of my output/ directory, and a small Chalice based app.
18:57:46 <scoates> thanks again, ChrisWarrick
18:58:18 <ChrisWarrick> you’re welcome!