Logs for #nikola for 2020-06-02

11:44:19 <NiceRice> Hello guys! Thank you for working on Nikola, by far my favorite static site generator. 
11:54:56 <NiceRice> I am currently working on a theme for my blog and I can't figure out how to show preview images for each post on the blog roll. Tried to add the source of the image in the front matter and add some code in the template file, but it didn't work (at least how I tried it). Has anyone an idea how to implement it with Jinja2?
12:29:35 <ChrisWarrick> NiceRice: The bootblog4 themes use preview images in some configurations, you can try looking there, maybe that will help
13:17:29 <NiceRice> ChrisWarrick Thank you, have found it and it looks more difficult than I thought tbh. Going to test it in my dev env. Thank you again