Logs for #nikola for 2020-05-11

21:52:42 <nicolas17> what should I put in my .gitignore? cache, output, anything else?
21:56:09 <ncdulo> I have ".doit.db", "state_data.json", "cache/", and "output/" in mine. As well as that, I include some of my own default ingored files in my ".git/info/exclude" file
21:57:12 <ncdulo> For me those default ignored files are Vim backup/swap files. And some kinda standard filenames I use for TODO/notes files I don't want in Git
21:59:15 <nicolas17> oh doit, right
21:59:45 <nicolas17> I have editor swapfiles in ~/.config/git/ignore :P
22:00:51 <ncdulo> Hm, I use ~/.gitignore, I think I had to set a config option for that filename to work.
22:08:30 <nicolas17> me: I should start a blog
22:08:31 <nicolas17> me: "nikola init blog"
22:08:33 <nicolas17> nikola: "Site title:"
22:08:34 <nicolas17> me: oh no
22:21:27 <ChrisWarrick> nikola init -qd n
22:21:36 <ChrisWarrick> Demo Site is a great blog name, right?
22:54:52 <nicolas17> a friend suggested naming it literally "nikola init ./blog" and that is more creative than I could have come up with