Logs for #nikola for 2020-05-01

12:47:13 <CRCinAU> Hi all, so I'm trying to figure out why nikola is turning code blocks in ``` blah ``` into code like: <code><span class="err">blah</span></code>
12:47:29 <CRCinAU> the class="err" puts a red box around the line - and I'm not sure why its been put there
12:47:39 <CRCinAU> example: https://www.crc.id.au/xen-performance-guide/
12:49:30 <felixfontein> that usually happens when code formatting (pygments) cannot parse the code
12:51:01 <CRCinAU> oh - does that mean I should just put slabs of things like config files in a pre instead?
12:54:56 <felixfontein> no, but maybe set the code language somewhere to the correct value
12:55:09 <felixfontein> (haven't touched that setting for a long time so no idea where it is :) )
12:55:17 <CRCinAU> what would I use when its not actually a language?
12:55:25 <CRCinAU> ie, I know I can do ```javascript
12:55:48 <CRCinAU> and markdown doesn't seem to have a code for just <pre>
12:59:36 <felixfontein> maybe ```text or something like that? no idea, haven't really used markdown much yet
13:02:33 <CRCinAU> well, shit.... you got it :)
13:02:45 <CRCinAU> I tried no-highlight and nohighlight - which seem to be some other interpretations....
13:02:54 <CRCinAU> but yeah, ```text works fine
13:03:05 <CRCinAU> now to hunt down all my red boxes lol
13:04:38 <felixfontein> I was just guessing :)
13:04:42 <felixfontein> hehe good luck!
13:04:48 <felixfontein> I wonder why ```text isn't the default
13:05:01 <CRCinAU> tbh, I have very few issues with Nikola....
13:05:27 <CRCinAU> my only complaint is that I have to do hacks with included html to do a list of pages - ie the ones you see on the left side of the pages
13:13:10 <felixfontein> yep, that doesn't really work well with nikola's architecture
14:39:57 <gour> hello, am i right that these days one can subscribe to nikola list only by using some gmail-based address?
15:07:16 <ChrisWarrick> gour: no idea about that, google groups shouldn’t be gmail-specific
15:08:49 <gour> ChrisWarrick: i know that in the past it was possible to choose non-gmail address, but not i'm not sure how. anyone can try it?
15:09:24 <gour> *but now
15:09:39 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU:  well, it would be possible to convince Nikola to do this list on every page… but you’re losing all the performance benefits
15:41:48 <CRCinAU> ChrisWarrick: I think you helped me set up a template for sidemenu.html that gets included server side...
15:42:04 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: I might have
15:42:21 <ChrisWarrick> CRCinAU: “possible” does not mean “recommended”
15:42:42 <CRCinAU> ;)
15:42:43 <ChrisWarrick> side menus with SSI or AJAX are the supported method
15:43:03 <felixfontein> 8
15:43:05 <CRCinAU> iirc, it uses SSI... trying to remember how be bandaid'ed it together lol
15:43:58 <CRCinAU> .. post-list:: :sort: title :post_type: pages :template: sidemenu_list.tmpl (with \n removed for less spam)
15:44:03 <CRCinAU> that's how we ended up doing it
15:44:27 <ChrisWarrick> that just builds a .html file
15:44:30 <ChrisWarrick> that works with both
15:44:53 <ChrisWarrick> but yeah, looks to be SSI
16:07:55 <CRCinAU> yeah.
16:08:08 <CRCinAU> one day I have to revamp that theme, but like always, I never really know what I want to do ;)
19:14:21 <ncdulo> Continuing my redesign today. Fun stuff. Decided yesterday night to start a new theme for my site, based on BootBlog4. Already got some things nicely tweaked and having fun with it
19:15:03 <ncdulo> Gotta figure out now how to pull the category list into the sidebar. This feels like it should be possible, but gonna have to read more docs and play around with it to determine exactly how
19:15:29 <ncdulo> Possibly slightly more complex in my case because I keep tags/categories in separate locations and I want *only* categories in the sidebar
19:16:20 <ChrisWarrick> ncdulo: look at the sidebar plugin, or search for the word `sidemenu` in getnikola/nikola-themes and getnikola/plugins on github
19:17:10 <ncdulo> Ahh nice. That sounds promising. Not sure how I missed that one as I just looked over the plugin list the other day. Thanks for the pointer
19:17:50 <ncdulo> I was thinking to pull in part of code from the tag listing template, but was unsure if those variables would be accessible from all pages
19:19:25 <ChrisWarrick> nope
19:19:38 <ChrisWarrick> you will need JS or server-side includes to do it the nice way
19:20:08 <ChrisWarrick> if you have slowly-changing categories, or don’t mind rebuilding all html files every so often, you can do without them, but we don’t have examples for this
19:21:20 <ncdulo> Gotcha. I think that makes sense, and kind of what I figured when I was thinking this through at work -- would have to do some workaround to make the data accessible.
19:22:01 <ncdulo> As of now, the categories are still slowly changing. But the intention is to have a smallish set of maybe 5-10 categories listed in the sidebar
19:30:04 <ncdulo> Figure this is worth a mention as well -- GitHub is advising of a security issue with the current version of jQuery. Got the message this morning. Looks to be a simple update of jQuery to resolve, or a snippet into the HTML as a workaround.
19:30:52 <ncdulo> https://github.com/advisories/GHSA-gxr4-xjj5-5px2
19:31:22 <ChrisWarrick> we run jquery 3.x anyway
19:33:32 <ncdulo> Right, looks like 3.4.1 is the version active on my instance, >3.5 is where the fix is
19:33:53 <ncdulo> Just came through as an automated message via GitHub, kinda surprised me as I never had one pop up before
20:09:05 <ChrisWarrick> ncdulo: we get these e-mails pretty often, we upgraded our themes a while back
20:14:26 <ncdulo> Got it. Good to know. So in this case, I should have no further action required? I was unsure if I should add a <script> tag into the page with the workaround snippet inside. Was not having a good time trying to determine if the fix is already in the jQuery file included
20:15:32 <ChrisWarrick> ncdulo: if you are not using github master, you are still vulnerable
20:17:52 <ncdulo> I'm using 8.0.4. So I guess I'll need to either update to the newer jQuery, or stick the workaround into the template somewhere. Thanks for clarifying that
20:20:32 <ChrisWarrick> that bug does not look super dangerous
20:22:17 <ncdulo> To be honest, I couldnt really determine how bad it is, or if my site is potentially effected. The description almost seemed like it would more apply if I'm using forms and taking user input. But because of my uncertainty, I was planning to fix it
20:22:55 <ncdulo> If it doesn't really apply to Nikola sites, I'm fine to leave it as is. Javascript and me never really got along, hence much uncertainty
23:38:25 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] yostos opened issue #188: [hemingway] A bug of base.tmpl https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/188