Logs for #nikola for 2020-04-30

20:46:16 <ncdulo> I'm thinking I want to add a 'featured post' card/block type thing to the homepage on my Nikola blog. Originally I was thinking to make a page as I don't think I want the 'featured content' to show in the blog index. It would just be a little intro/about text for the site. Looking at the docs, it seems to indicate that featured content should be a post
20:46:41 <ncdulo> Is that correct -- featured content should be a post instead of a page? Or have I just not dug through the source/docs enough yet?
21:00:59 <ChrisWarrick> ncdulo: bootblog4 lets you show featured posts on the blog index.
21:01:56 <ncdulo> Gotcha. I'm using a very lightly modified Bootstrap4 theme. Gonna have to do some playing around with it to see what I can come up with
21:02:37 <ncdulo> If nothing else, it will give me an opportunity to really mess with the theme and figure out how to add the featured blocks if it isn't supported in Bootstrap4
21:03:10 <ncdulo> Thank you though, appreciate the reply
21:05:23 <ChrisWarrick> ncdulo: you might be able to just take code from bootblog4, not sure how much of it depends on the bootblog4 css
21:07:54 <ncdulo> Sounds like it shouldn't be anything too complex. Have been interested in modifying the theme more, to help set it apart. This would be a good exercise for that