Logs for #nikola for 2020-04-28

19:06:02 <ncdulo> Did not realize there was an IRC channel for Nikola. Kinda happened across this while lurking the main site for new things to read
19:06:40 <ChrisWarrick> yeah, that exists
19:07:00 <ncdulo> I would like to say though -- Nikola is awesome. It was one of a few static site generators I tried out, and initially I thought it was too much for me. But did find my way back after some other site generators felt too limited
19:07:43 <felixfontein> /6/6
19:07:49 <felixfontein> sorry ^^
19:07:54 <ncdulo> Still kind of tapping in to everything that can be done with it. But I've managed to put together more of a website in the last week or two than I have in years before, so it's a good start lol
19:08:46 <felixfontein> ncdulo: I know what you mean... what I really like about Nikola is that it is very easy to extend things; with it I was able to get the result I wanted. I doubt it would have worked that simple (or at all) with other systems...
19:09:53 <ncdulo> Exactly. It feels like it's actually 'mine' to extend and work with as I please. Being able to understand the code, and tweak things as I need is big for me too
19:10:22 <ncdulo> As much as I like those massive frameworks Symfony/Django/etc, I'd have a hard time understanding the code let alone extending it
19:12:05 <felixfontein> also things like symfony/django are actually running code on your server while someone requests your page. I really like the idea of a static page, with minimal attack surface
19:12:43 <ChrisWarrick> to be fair, symfony/django have a reasonable API that you should be able to use and build upon without looking into the internals
19:12:53 <ncdulo> That's another point. I have set up little websites on local servers. But I'd rather not start dropping money on hosting if I don't know how far I'll go with it
19:13:58 <ncdulo> Right now, I'm using GitHub Pages to host the actual content, with a separate repo for the actual Nikola base. Kind of unorthodox. But if I keep up with this, I plan to get actual hosting. In that case, the GH Pages content will be transferred over, but the actual backend will stay on GH
19:14:19 <ChrisWarrick> gh-pages is a supported deployment method and it’s okay
19:14:52 <ChrisWarrick> we have two official deployment guides for automating gh-pages, one written last weekend
19:15:06 <ncdulo> The API is reasonable. Mostly anyway. I did quite a bit of messing around in another PHP framework last summer. Nette maybe? Tried Symfony and it 'worked' but I wasn't deep enough into new PHP versions to set out on my own
19:15:17 <ChrisWarrick> I pay €3 for a server that I can run Django on and I’m pretty happy with it
19:15:44 <ncdulo> Not long after, I found a Python RougeLike tutorial, went through that in about a month, learning Python along the way. Then have set out on my own. Python has been a dream to work with
19:16:59 <ncdulo> I did see those deploy guides. I had read through them a bit, but for whatever reason, I decided I wanted them to live in separate repos. My deploy method could easily change in the future but for now, it's pretty simple and I haven't had problems with it
19:18:20 <ncdulo> €3 is not a bad deal at all for hosting. I'm still searching around for hosts but at least for now, I don't feel like I'm rushing out to pick one
19:18:35 <ChrisWarrick> you can get something cheaper if you’re doing static sites only
19:18:44 <ChrisWarrick> my current webhost as of 2 months ago is hetzner cloud
19:19:22 <ChrisWarrick> (€2.49 + EU VAT/month for the cheapest server)
19:19:36 <gour> ncdulo: heh, interesting...some static-site-generators which i tried felt too complicated, that's why i'm (again) here 😉
19:20:57 <ncdulo> Gonna look into Hetzner. I'm over in the US so would prefer something localish, but that's not my main priority I think. Ultimately, I do have slightly larger plans for hosting. But it's more ideas of 'things i want to do someday' rather than things I need to set up
19:24:13 <gour> ncdulo: i've VPS at Contabo for hosting e-learning app - good prices and they have some data center in USA as well
19:27:12 <ncdulo> Contabo looks to have some good deals. The main host I had been looking at was DigitalOcean. Mostly because of recommendations, but also because of the choices for OS type and the level of access you are allowed
19:27:42 <ChrisWarrick> DO is a bit expensive compared to other providers
19:29:05 <ncdulo> Yeah, I've been noticing that as I look more into others. Thankfully I'm not in a rush so I should be able to search out what will be a good deal and fit for me