Logs for #nikola for 2020-03-30

15:26:45 <KwBot> [plugins] dalanicolai opened issue #329: [orgmode] https://github.com/getnikola/plugins/issues/329
16:22:12 <oneira> Hi Everyone. I managed to create a plugin to announce new post on discord through a gitlab-co pipeline. thanks again. 
16:22:24 <ChrisWarrick> great!
16:25:40 <oneira> I am now wondering if I could configure how to name new posts files. currently when doing `nikola new_post  -s` it will save a file name with the slug derived from the title. is it possible to add the scheduled date? the new file would be %Y-%m-%d-slug-from-the-title.md ... I have seen the option to save in a path correponding to the date, but here I would really have the date in the filename...
16:28:10 <ChrisWarrick> oneira: I think we only support paths like this, not dashes
16:29:05 <oneira> Could it also be implemented as plugins, or is it something to deep in the core?
16:30:19 <ChrisWarrick> oneira: hm, or maybe it could be modified to do the last one as a dash?
16:30:45 <ChrisWarrick> that would require some deeper modifications
16:32:03 <oneira> Ok, I will try with the dash in the date in path thingy, else I will live without :) Thanks a lot, and a nice `what ever it is were you are`!
16:32:27 <ChrisWarrick> you could get y-m-d/slug.md at most
16:32:57 <oneira> Ok noted!